Community Service Scholarships

The Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation Scholarships were established in the spring of 2004.  The goal of the Scholarships are to reward a high school student or students who have exhibited exemplary service to their community in the form of volunteer activities and commitments.  Candidates for the $1,000 scholarship(s) must demonstrate substantial service or volunteer activities benefiting local communities.

To be eligible, the student must be a Whitefish Bay resident, a graduating senior from a high school located in the metropolitan Milwaukee area, and meet the other criteria set forth in the application form.  Application forms are generally available from the guidance offices of local high schools or by clicking on the following link: Community Service Scholarship Application, and are due in early April of each year.  (DEADLINE: MARCH 31st, 2015)



  • Student must be a Whitefish Bay resident.
  • Student must be a graduating senior from a high school located in the metropolitan Milwaukee area.
  • Academic standing, financial need and participation in student activities within the student’s school will not be a primary component of the evaluation.
  • Student must identify and commence a continuing education curriculum (college, technical or vocational program) commencing no later than the fall term immediately after graduation.

Applicants, regardless of where they attend high school, must complete the Scholarship Application Form be postmarked by 3/31/2015:

Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation
c/o Whitefish Bay Village Hall
5300 N. Marlborough Drive
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

2014 Winners (3): Sam Broadnax, Maddie Riedl, and Kyra Fox

2013 Winner: Mary Lincer, Whitefish Bay High School

2012 Winner: Erik Lasky, Marquette University High School

2011 Winner: Brock Menard

2010 Winner: Gillian Shaw Weaver

2009 Winner: Mark J. Kelley

2008 Winner: Cameron Blegen

2007 Winner: John M. Devane IV

2006 Winner: Daniel C. Kelley