Community Service Scholarships

The Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation Scholarships were established in the spring of 2004.  The Scholarship's goal is to reward high school students who have exhibited exemplary service to their community in the form of volunteer activities.  Candidates for the $1,000 scholarship(s) must demonstrate substantial service or volunteer activities benefiting local communities.

To be eligible, the student must be a Whitefish Bay resident, a graduating senior from a high school located in the metropolitan Milwaukee area, and meet the other criteria set forth in the application form.  Application forms are available by clicking on the following link: Community Service Scholarship Application, and are due April 1, 2020. 


  • Student must be a Whitefish Bay resident.

  • Student must be a graduating high school senior.

  • Academic standing and financial need are not components of the evaluation.

  • Student must identify and commence a continuing education curriculum (college, technical or vocational program) beginning no later than the fall term immediately after graduation.

Complete the Community Service Scholarship Application Form.

Past Winners:

  • 2019 Winners (4): Claire Wunderlich, Ali Khoddam, Lily Arnold, Heather Yenchesky

  • 2018 Winners (3): Rose O’Neill, Jacob Patrick, Grace Reidl

  • 2017 Winners (3): Elizabeth Henley, Eunah Cha, and Candace Walther

  • 2016 Winners (3): Kelsie Aling, Claire Rooney, Abigail Dallet

  • 2015 Winners (3): Nick Morgan, Jack Arnold, Jack Bertran

  • 2014 Winners (3): Sam Broadnax, Maddie Riedl, and Kyra Fox

  • 2013 Winner: Mary Lincer, Whitefish Bay High School

  • 2012 Winner: Erik Lasky, Marquette University High School

  • 2011 Winner: Brock Menard

  • 2010 Winner: Gillian Shaw Weaver

  • 2009 Winner: Mark J. Kelley

  • 2008 Winner: Cameron Blegen

  • 2007 Winner: John M. Devane IV

  • 2006 Winner: Daniel C. Kelley

leadership scholarships

A part of the Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation’s mission is to promote the advancement of education and to undertake programs to develop and improve individual capabilities.

To that end, the Civic Foundation is funding ten (10) scholarships to the Wisconsin Association of School Councils’ (WASC) Leadership Camp, which is a 5 day event at Ripon College. The Civic Foundation believes that this program will promote leadership qualities in our youngest residents.
These scholarships are open to all students, not just those who have expressed an interest in Student Council.  

The WFB Civic Foundation will fund the student’s camp fee, which includes all programs, activities, and 5 days of room and board. (Transportation to Ripon College is not included.)


  • Reside in Whitefish Bay.  

  • Have leadership potential inside and outside the classroom and are in good academic standing.


In the event that there is more than 10 applicants, scholarships will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.   This selection will occur on or around May 1st.

Complete the Leadership Scholarship Application Form.

Community grants

The Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation was established to promote the betterment of the Village and its residents. In doing so, Civic Foundation is active in the community by supporting and sponsoring community events, projects, and funding organizations that share the same objectives. Our vision is to undertake projects that lessen the burden to Village government and that follow the mission of the organization.

Grant funds may be awarded to individuals, groups or organizations to help fund projects, events or causes that fit our mission.  In order to qualify for a grant, the applicant will be required to submit an application and demonstrate how the request fits within the mission of the Civic Foundation.

Grants are periodically awarded as outlined in the application. Grant requests will be reviewed by the Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation and a decision to approve or deny the request will be made and communicated. There is no guarantee that the grant will be fulfilled, and the Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation may request additional information regarding any request for grant dollars.

The Civic Foundation generally requires multiple financial partners for granted projects.

Click here to Download the Grant application:  Grant application

Past Grant Awards contributed to:
Community Garden Outdoor Classroom Tables

Middle School Fountain / Bottle Filler (Girl Scouts)
Village Park Picnic Tables 
Cahill Gas Fireplace 
AED Defibrulators at Whitefish Bay Schools
Cumberland Tennis Courts 
Cahill Baseball Fields
Richard's Athletic Court
Armory Park Memorial
WFB Monuments on Hampton & Santa Monica
WFB Street Banners
Cahill Benches
Cahill Warming House Eagle Scout Project
Community Band PA System
Cumberland Beautification Project
Eagle Scout Project - Buckley Park
Egyptian Festival
Fishing Derby
Historic Medallion Grant
WFB Holiday Stroll on Silver Spring
High School Community Garden
WFB HS Swimming Pool Project
Human Ecology Project
Library Fund
WFB Little Leaugue
Mimi Bird History Collection
Old School House Park Fountain Repair
Opet Festival
WFB HS Post Prom
Rock Climbing Wall - Richards School
Shoreline Interfaith Older Adult Programs
Silver Spring Clock Repair
Speaker for Bay United / Drug Program
SPED Playground Project
WFB HS Stadium Project
Stryker Chairs
Summer Baseball Sectional